Wisdom - ViskaFor guidance in life.

The Icelandic word Viska can mean wisdom or knowledge. This symbol signifies that you are searching for truth in life – wisdom is intellectual, yet reaches for the unknown.


For guidance and insight. Viska symbolizes the search for greater insight and deeper understanding. A symbol for the questioning spirit, the intellectually curious, and the experience-seeker

The combination of the runes letters VISKA  form this magnificent bindrune. A design that everyone will absolutely love. Visualize the power within you and let all the knowledge you already have guide you., Allow the positiveness shine in your life and your loved ones with this beautiful bindrune.

This rune is perfect for gifts at any time! from anniversaries, birthdays, graduations to a self-appreciation reward.

Feel the wisdom, share the wisdom with this amazing piece.

Wisdom Rune

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