Viking RunesTo inspire the soul.

Tónlist symbolizes inspiration and the universal love of music. A symbol to connect souls across cultures and traditions.

The Icelandic word Tónlist means music. This symbol is special because music is universal, and has an important role in many societies and cultures. Show your love of music and your connection to other music lovers around the world.


Uniting the Icelandic letters TÓNLIST makes possible this marvelous bindrune, a genuine design that will not only reflect the love of music but make your heart resonates along the melodies of another time . Harmonize your internal thoughts and vibrate in the same frequency with your love ones with this exceptional bindrune.  

Listen the music of life, smile and allow yourself to dance in this wonderful world with the Alrún Music bindrune.  

Feel your music, share your music with this sensational creation.

Music Bindrune

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