Hope Bindrune For an uplifted spirit.

Von symbolizes an uplifted spirit and enduring resilience. A symbol that reflects inspiration, perseverance, and positivity.

The Icelandic word Von translates directly as hope. We think that this symbol has an important place in the collection, as hope carries with it a sense of inspiration, perseverance, and positivity..

The combination of the letters VON creates this gorgeous and powerful bindrune. Focus on your determination and persistence and let the good things comes to place when in time with this magnificent rune.    

This amazing rune provides a message of perseverance and what is better for you or for a loved one than to be reminded of never giving up and to keep fighting through the struggles of life, with the Alrún Hope bindrune you undoubtedly will keep this amazing feeling present always. 

Feel your Hope, share your Hope with this harmonious design.

Hope Bindrune

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